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Lulu Powers is a best-selling author and entertaining designer, celebrated for her accessible culinary creations, and impeccable styling. While revered among Hollywood elite and New York luminaries, Lulu’s fresh approach to hassle-free entertaining – from food to flowers – has made her a sought-after talent, inspiring mentor, and credible entertaining lifestyle expert.

Part visionary and part teacher, Lulu translates her clients passions and desires into a stylized culinary and entertaining experience. Mindful of her client’s resources and at times, fear of entertaining, she imparts her wisdom with spirit and panache to transform the simple into sublime. Her playful tips, tricks and treats inspire and empower the novice and more seasoned clientele, teaching all that the process can be as fun as the final product.

An arbiter of taste and style, Lulu is revolutionizing the way America entertains with her fuss-free philosophy, and innovative ideas that transform mundane objects into objet d’art and everyday settings into memorable occasions. With an insistence on infusing color, personality and imagination into every element, she creates a playground for the senses.

A celebrity chef noted for her flawless taste and chic, artful design, Lulu has a flair for balancing superb food and striking décor. Her client list boasts a staggering collection of talent including Will & Jada Smith, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Arianna Huffington, among others.

One of six children, Lulu was raised in Connecticut. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, acclaimed fashion photographer Stephen Danelian, and their two dogs, Teddy Kennedy and Mr. Pickles.

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