"Dad's Cough Syrup"

Todays “Sneeky” is from my dear friend and client Dawn Moore. Dawn wanted to call the sneeky the “Drunken Bee” or even “Dad's Cough Syrup” because when she had a sore throat as a little girl, her father used to warm a little whiskey and honey for her.

What I love about this particular fatherly care, is that it was being administered by a legendary western hero we don’t normally associate with a little hooch. Fact: Dawn’s father, Clayton Moore portrayed “The Lone Ranger” on the unforgettable TV show.

So, in an early nod to Father’s Day, here’s a little whiskey and honey. Medicinal, of course.

RECIPE Muddle some fresh Kentucky Mint – the kind used for Juleps - in the bottom of a pretty 6 oz. glass. Don't be shy with the mint.

Add ice and pour 3 oz. of a honeyed-bourbon (I used Wild Turkey's American Honey) followed by 2 oz. of an iced herbal (I used Tazo's Calm) tea – hibiscus, jasmine, chamomile or mint will all work - and stir.

For your nose, float a sprig of mint on the top and hoist a toast to your dad!

check out Dawn’s website @:www.mooreabout.com