I Brake for Yard Sales

"Here's the deal, folks: Lara Spencer decorated my entire freaking house while she was busy being a hot, blond TV host. She teaches you how to mix and match old, new, high-end, edium-end, and weird stuff that only she could find at a yard sale...and guess what? I love it all." -Kathy Griffin

Wiser words have never been spoken by Kathy Griffin. Gorgeous Good Morning America coanchor Lara Spencer is taking the book world by storm with her ever-so-chic first book, I Brake for Yard Sales. Her book, like the things she snatches up at flea market, is a fabulous find. It discusses her uncanny ability to find treasure in what others would consider trash. More importantly, Lara shows readers how they can accomplish her effortless style through bargain shopping and dumpster diving. It's the perfect how-to guide, helping readers first identify their own personal style, which is often the most daunting task. The content is wonderful and the photos, gorgeous, showing off just how talented an interior decorator Lara is. So, so proud of my friend. This book is worth the drive to your local bookstore. No e-reader will do the pictures justice. Enjoy!