On the Road With the Entertainologist

Do you have some deserving soul in your life that you would like to see me help out in some way? Is there a soldier in your life on the way back from active duty who you would like to surprise with a party featuring their favorite foods? A local volunteer who always does for everyone else, but barely finds the time to care for themselves? A teacher who impacted you along the way who you would like to thanks in some way? A friend who is about to have a baby and doesn’t have the time or resources to prepare their house for the new bundle of joy? Someone you know who just scraped together the money to buy their first house, but hasn’t been able to furnish it beyond a beanbag chair and a floor mounted TV. Do you know someone who has gone through a long hospital stay, or is still in the hospital who could use some brightness in their life? Or someone you see on a regular basis in a service industry who you have always wanted to do something nice for - anything you can think of, and anyone you can think of!

Please make sure to be specific about where you live and what part of the country Lulu needs to visit. We are looking for emotionally driven circumstances that would warrant a visit from Lulu and use her “Entertainology” to brighten your life and for that special deserving person.

Step two in my long road trip is for me to find people out there who I can help in my own way, cooking, decorating, entertaining - so email me at ontheroadwithlulu@gmail.com, tweet at me, Facebook message me, Instagram #ontheroadwithlulu and tell me who I could reach out to - to help!