Mary's "Take-Off-Your-Pants" Punch

I got this recipe from the incredible mixologist Lindsay Nader who my good friend Mary Wagstaff turned me on to. Check out her website for all things drinking and eating. 1 750 ml bottle of Bacardi light rum 13 oz Bacardi 8 year old rum 13 oz Ginger syrup (I made this by sending 2 large ginger roots through a juicer, and then combining an equal amount of sugar to the juice and shaking until it became uniform) 17 oz fresh Papaya juice 10-15 oz Fresh Lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, add granulated sugar if it's too tart, or more lemon juice if it's too sweet. Add a heavy teaspoon of cayenne pepper, stir again, add ice, garnish with slices of lemon, top with champagne or sparkling white wine before serving.