My go to cheese shop

Surfas is a wonderful restaurant supply store in Los Angeles which also has gourmet cheeses, meats and just about everything you could want to eat or use in your kitchen. I have been going to Surfas since I discovered it 13 years ago. I have only recently started to buy cheese there. I am taken with the “cheesemonger,” David who is always introducing me to a new cheese or meat. The other day David had me try San Daniele prosciutto which I loved and I could hardly wait to get home with it for Stevie to try. My new favorite cheese happens to be Etorki which my client, Lexi Wald introduced me to. It was a must have at her birthday. The other two cheeses I came home with that day were the Beemster Vlaskass and talleggio. Recently I found my self stopping by Surfas when I was in the area for a cheese sampling and some of their garlic cheese bread which I am obsessed with. No one makes better garlic cheese bread then Surfas. Yesterday I had to stop at Classic Party rentals to check my order for a wedding I am doing Saturday and guess what is right around the corner...SURFAS. David had me try a prosciutto from Virginia-no nitrates, etc. It's called Ollie Bershire proscuitto and boy oh boy is it delicious! I just had another bite of it with my afternoon snack of truffled popcorn with shredded Petit Basque which David introduced me to too..Tell David Lulu sent you!