Farm to Table


Erika (Grundy) Nakamura and Amelia (Lindy) Posada

espelette pepper mustard

Lindy & Grundy is the most beautiful butcher shop I have ever seen. It is located within walking distance from my home and has become the only place I go to to buy my meat. My husband Stevie is obsessed with this place ever since our dear friend Todd told us about it. The shop is run by Erika Nakamura and Amelia Posada (aka Lindy and Grundy), these two women have become powerhouses within their industry. All products: meat, eggs, potatoes, onion, etc. are all local, organic, hormone free and come from within 100 miles. Last night I hosted my cooking club at my house. Our theme for the evening was farm to table. No whole foods, no Trader Joes, no Ralphs, and so on. Their ingredient must be locally harvested. Buying produce from a farmers market will last you twice as long as anything you purchase from the grocery store. I bought steak, sausages and lamb from Lindy and Grundy. I rubbed the steak and the lamb with espelette pepper mustard from Monsieur Marcel which I grilled. I also grilled the sausages and used the mustard as a dip, it was delicious! This mustard is a great item to keep on hand. It can be used many ways. You can add mayo, garlic and fresh herbs to turn it into an aoili or just on a great hot dog. Bottom line, this mustard is a great condiment to be used on almost anything. Buy two!