Superbowl Sunday

No, this is not in lieu of beer, it’s in addition to. Beer is football’s best friend. Theme cocktails are simply the fastest way to get your buzz on. Besides, they’re cute. And serving one for each team gets the rivalry going. Patriots Margarita

1 bottle Corona 1 can (12 oz.) limeade Tequila Optional: 2 oz. triple sec or cointreau

1 drop of blue food coloring In a pitcher, dump the Corona and the limeade. Take the limeade can and fill it to the brim with tequila. Add that to pitcher along with the food coloring. Mix it up and add ice. Voila!

Lulu's tip: Rim glasses with blue tinted salt or sugar and serve over ice or shaken well in a martini glass.

I will be serving my friends who are Giants fans a Dark and Stormy.

Giants Dark and Stormy cocktail

1 1/2 ounce Gosling’s Black seal rum or any other dark rum About 1/2 cup ginger beer 1/2 lime Splash of bitters optional

Fill a highball glass with ice, add rum,a slash of bitters,if desired and top with ginger beer. Squeeze the lime into the glass,stir and add lime to drink.