Take It Outside!

With beautiful, mild summers in Los Angeles, there's nothing I love more than outdoor entertaining. And al fresco dining is the perfect, easy way to do just that. Al fresco means "outdoors or open air" and to me it means light, fresh ingredients, simple and earthy tablescapes, and good conversation around a table with those you love. It's about good food and good company. In this month's Toujours magazine I had the pleasure of sharing with readers just how to accomplish a delicious and effortless al fresco meal. As I share in my editorial, al fresco entertaining can be, as I like to call it, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Use what's already around your house, like cutting boards for plates or bracelets for napkin ring holders. It can be as simple as plates of cheese, fruits, and vegetables. You don't even have to cook to entertain. Just don't forget the sneekys! 


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