Personalized Coasters

During the summer, coasters are crucial. Always great to have on hand, coasters are especially important during the summer when drinks are especially "sweaty". Embellished coasters are also a personal and practical hostess gift. But rather than picking up chic coasters from any old store, I prefer to Lulu-ize ordinary cork coasters. Add something special by customizing them with the first letter of your guests' names. Here's how I would do it:

You can buy all of the necessary materials at your local craft store for a bargain. 

Create stripes with masking tape and initials with vinyl letters. With a stencil brush, apply craft paint; let it dry; then remove tape or letter. Tie together with ribbon, and give with a bottle of booze or place on the table of your next dinner party. 

Happy crafting!

Tip courtesy of Martha Stewart