The Trail Mix Bar

One of my favorite things to do at events is set up a snack station of some sort, whether it's for candy or in this case trail mix. People love making their own creations and packing their own goody bags of treats. Plus it makes things so much easier for you as a hostess. With a snack station you just have to set it up and then it does all the work for you! You can walk away.

One of my favorite snack stations is a Trail Mix Bar.


It's super easy. On a banquet table set up glass jars or tin buckets. Then fill each one with every possible trail mix ingredient. Think nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit, shredded coconut, M&Ms, mini marshmallows, etc! Be sure to label each jar or bucket. Then set out brown paper bags for guests to create their ideal mix. It's as easy as that. Your guests will be going back for seconds and thirds. Everyone loves munching on trail mix!

Like what you see? Create your own Trail Mix Bar with the below products.

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1. Asst. of 3 11" Number Tin Baskets,

2. Georgina Ornate Chalkboard,

3. Chalkboard Picks, Set of 12,

4. Round 3-Tier Wire Stand, Blue,

5.  Regency Apothecary Jar,

DIY Candles in Goblets


How I did it:  I cleaned the goblets with metal polish and a clean cloth. Then I filled them with Microwaveable Soy Wax for Containers (by Yaley; $6.99 for 1 lb.; from Joann) and used Pre-Waxed Medium Bleached Wick with Wick Clip (by Yaley; $2.99 for six; from Joann) to make elegant, long-burning votives.

Time: 1 hour, plus dry time

Cost: $10 for 1 lb. of wax and wicks

DIY Tips and Tricks

For those of you who are looking to entertain or decorate on a dime, Do It Yourself crafts can save you money and give a shabby chic aesthetic to a room, table, or party. I'm all about finding unique and crafty ways to make a party, room, or table look effortlessly chic. If I can recycle old things and reuse them in new ways, that's ever better! Here are some of my favorite crafty tricks!

To all the perfume addicts out there: Repurpose old perfume bottles as vases! So chic for a party or just around the house. Use bigger bottles for large arrangements and smaller bottles to hold a few buds (see above).


This is such a chic idea for your backyard or for outdoor parties. Home Depot has 18" whiskey barrels for $30 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20" glass table toppers for $8.99. For $38.99 you can make your own whiskey barrel tables!


A unique take on napkin rings. Print the evening's menu on a piece of paper and wrap it around each napkin.


Create your own chic candle holders.  Simply take pre punched paper from Michael's and wrap it around a glass cup or cylinder and drop a votive candle in it!


DIY Mercury Glass 

Simply spritz glass with water then spray with Krylon "Looking Glass" spraypaint and voila!

DIY Candle Holders

Now you can have your oysters and eat them too! Oysters are a favorite dish of them but their exteriors are just as appealing as their interiors. Instead of throwing out the pretty shells, try turning them into candles using these simple steps.

You’ll need:

  • clam or oyster shells (deep enough to hold some wax, similar size to a tealight)
  • a double boiler
  • beeswax
  • waxed and wired tealight wicks with tabs

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler and prepare the seashells by washing them thoroughly. Carefully pour wax into the shells, making sure they stay level and wax doesn’t pour over the edges. (Here's a trick: sit the shells in sand so they don't slide around while you're pouring the hot wax.) Place a wick in the center of each one. The wicks are short and should easily stay in place without the help of a glue gun. Then let the cool and cure for a full 24 hours. It's so simple and shabby chic. Happy crafting!

Personalized Coasters

During the summer, coasters are crucial. Always great to have on hand, coasters are especially important during the summer when drinks are especially "sweaty". Embellished coasters are also a personal and practical hostess gift. But rather than picking up chic coasters from any old store, I prefer to Lulu-ize ordinary cork coasters. Add something special by customizing them with the first letter of your guests' names. Here's how I would do it:

You can buy all of the necessary materials at your local craft store for a bargain. 

Create stripes with masking tape and initials with vinyl letters. With a stencil brush, apply craft paint; let it dry; then remove tape or letter. Tie together with ribbon, and give with a bottle of booze or place on the table of your next dinner party. 

Happy crafting!

Tip courtesy of Martha Stewart


There's nothing I love more than using something for dual purposes, always in the chicest of ways, of course! I don't know about you guys, but I have closets full of stuff and I'm always looking for ways to keep all my "stuff" organized. Here's a great way to keep all your gift wrapping essentials neat and tidy. For those of you who have an endless supply of ribbons like me, use a paper towel holder to keep them all together. Such a sweet display on a dime. You may even have one laying around the house you can use. Happy DIY FRIDAY!


Photo courtesy of Real Simple

Multi Purpose Products

I'm truly a fan of anything that has dual purposes. For example, using cutting boards as plates or bracelets (from Forever 21) as napkin rings. I've done both these things when entertaining a la al fresco. Another product that is multi functional is bubblegum! Aside from being a lip smacking childhood pastime, it can also be useful for dining and entertaining.

Ever accidentally boughten candles that are too small for your candleholders? Fear not! Here's a delicious trick to make the candles fit perfectly. Grab a piece of chewing gum and chew it into a gooey paste. Stick it on the bottom of your candle and quickly squish it into place in your candleholder. Though not the most ladylike of crafts, it's guaranteed to make your candles stand straight and tall.

Happy chewing! 

Baste Your Bouquet

Here's one my favorite tips on how to make your bouquets last. Some people swear on vodka, bleach, and penny powder. I've tried them all and though great, I love this solution because it's all natural. How I see it, it's not about what you put in, but what you take out. If you recall, I shared with you guys the trick of using a clear rubber band to hold your bouquet together. This new tip allows you to refresh your water without disrupting your flower arrangement. The solution? A turkey baster! Stick the baster into your vase and squeeze out the old water. Then refill from the tap. By flushing out old water and adding clean water, you'll keep your leaves green while maintaining your picture perfect arrangement.

Baste away!