Perfect Picnic

Today's adventure was in our own backyard proving that you can have a picnic anywhere! How about for Father's Day?

Get the look: Basket, Glasses, PitcherLeather Ice Bucket, Blanket - other optionBoat Plate, Fruit Bowl, Wood Serving Plate, and Nut Bowls

Check out my new stationery line!!!

I recently joined forces with cocodot, a chic online invitation company, to come up with my own line of stationery. You can use my new line to send out online invitations or order printed stationery!! I had such a blast designing this line! Each collection of cards holds a precious memory from the collection of cards originating from my beloved Dad's pants called Jimmy's Cocktail Slacks to the photos of my family from Nantucket and holiday memories. Please check out the entire collection!!! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed making them. Lulu Powers "The Summer Entertaining Collection"